Geometry of time

Portus Naonis Watches comes from the ambition to create high quality automatic mechanical watches, for him and for her, whose strengths are essentiality and versatility. These watches perfectly fit the wrist of the possessor and represent a loyal and timeless companion in spare time and at work.

The project takes shape in Pordenone, a small city in the Northeast of Italy, situated along the Noncello river, once known as “port on the Naone”, thus the Latin name given to the brand.

The first model of Portus Naonis Watches, produced in 25 numbered units, is called “Hephaestus”, the Greek name of the Latin god Vulcano, known as the blacksmith of all gods, in honour of the founder’s grandfather Paolo Brisotto, multi-award winning expert in wrought iron, who passed on his resourcefulness, dexterity and artistic flair.


Multi-faceted dodecagonal bezel®

Multi-faceted bezel for wristwatch, with an internal circumference and an external dodecagon each edge corresponds to an hour. The twelve edges of the bezel are highlighted by the fact that alternatively they form up top a concave angle and at the bottom a convex angle. The edges up top do not correspond necessarily to the even numbers nor the odd numbers and vice versa for the bottom edges. Alternatively the faces of the watch are upward and downward but flat not arched.
The up and down determined by the position of the faces creates a game of lights similar to the faceting pattern of a diamond.