Our Philosophy

Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything.
Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.
(Rand Fishkin)

Portus Naonis Watches produces watches that represent goals and brings up memories that mark the unique moments of life. As such, they must be an expression of a rigorous ethic.

Our watches are an example of the true Made in Italy.

Applying the rules established by the updated Community Customs Code (EC Regulation 23/04/2008 n° 450 – art. 36 – on the non-preferential customs origin of goods) a product can be defined as “Made in Italy” when the substantial processing or* the last transformation took place in Italy. In light of the regulations mentioned above, the use of the “Made in Italy” trademark is permitted even if all the parts of the product, after having been materially manufactured abroad, are subsequently assembled in Italy.

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.
(Leonardo da Vinci)

Like Leonardo da Vinci, we also believe that perfection is not a detail, therefore we take pride in making Made in Italy products, because

here is where all the manufacturing and* the last transformation take place.

(To this day, there are no Italian mechanisms. We’re working on it…)

Portus Naonis Watches aims at materializing the metaphor of what Made in Italy should represent in the world.

Non-standardized counted productions, high manufacturing specialization and deep connections with art and history, from conception to the realization of each single piece.

Portus Naonis Watches exclusively produces limited series of watches, relying on higly skilled artists, artisans and Italian technicians and collaborating with the country’s excellence.